The opportunity for Jesuits to advocate for Justice in Mining


The Jesuits have strong connections to local communities around the world. Many of these communities are deeply affected by the exploitation of local resources, yet addressing these impacts has until recently been the priority of individual Jesuits or particular Centres, and not the broader Society of Jesus. It is also true that often the focus has been on the consequence – eg displaced persons, impoverished communities – rather than examining the underlying cause of unfair or unwise mining activity.

Given that the Jesuits have now made Justice in Mining one of four global advocacy priorities, there is an opportunity to educate and raise awareness across the Jesuit network of the links between poor governance of resources and the negative impacts on people, communities and the environment.

By working to raise awareness of the impact of our lifestyles on the environment, building capacity to advocate for fairer and more sustainable use of resources, and engaging in targeted campaigns, the Society of Jesus can have a direct and lasting impact on many communities, and potentially therefore many thousands of individuals.

Justice in Mining recognises that it can best achieve its aims by collaborating with other NGOs and advocacy organisations. Justice in Mining is a member of Publish What You Pay (PWYP), and works closely with Ecojesuit and faith and non-faith-based organisations alike.

We invite you to join with us in addressing injustices in the extractives industry and working to protect human rights and the environment.

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