Civil Society to Work Together in Australia on Implementation of EITI

Just prior to entering caretaker mode ahead of the federal election, the Australian Government announced its intention to proceed with implementation of the Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI). Now that the election has passed, and policy work in Canberra begins again, implementation of the EITI proceed soon.

To help Civil Society understand EITI in Australia, Transparency International Australia and PWYP Australia will hold an information session on the EITI. The session is an opportunity for Civil Society in Australia to learn more about the EITI implementation process, understand the new standard and what impacts it will have, and understand opportunities to be involved in the process. The session will cover information on the formation and responsibilities of the Multi Stakeholder Group (MSG) and Civil Society’s

Dr Sam Bartlett, Technical and Regional Director from the EITI Secretariat, and Wendy Tyrell from Transparency International, who sits on the EITI Board as a Civil Society representative, will join the meeting by telephone and will share their knowledge on the EITI, implementation, and Civil Society’s role.

The session will be via teleconference on Thursday 21 July from 3.30pm-5.00pm, or Melbourne-based participants can join in person at offices of the Uniting Church of Australia. Details for the phone in or location details, along with an agenda, will be emailed to people on confirmation of attendance. The invitation is also extended to interested organisations outside of the PWYP Coalition who would find this session useful, and who may not have been involved in the pilot process or aware that the Australian Government is moving ahead with implementation.

PWYP Australia believes that an informed and united Civil Society is best placed to participate in the EITI process and work towards a strong and transparent extractives sector in Australia.


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