Website Launch – Justice in Mining

The Justice in Mining Network is excited to mark this Feast day of St Ignatius with the launch of its new website, The website builds on the Network’s existing Facebook presence, and is part of a communications strategy to help build awareness of human rights and environmental issues relating to mining.

“One of the Network’s initial priorities is to raise awareness within the Jesuit community around some of the concerning consequences of mining projects, and build a determination amongst supporters to take action where possible to protect the rights of those affected,” said Julie Edwards, leader of the Justice in Mining Network.

“The Network promotes fair treatment of local communities, protection and rehabilitation of the environment as much as possible, adequate protection of human rights, and wiser and more thoughtful use of the world’s limited resources,” she added.

A Jesuit network is well-placed to contribute to advocacy and engagement around the impact of mining, thanks to a presence of Jesuits and Jesuit institutions in 112 countries on six continents, including many schools and universities. By working together, sharing expertise, experience and resources, the Jesuit community can play its part in working for a more just society and a healthier world.

The website includes a link allowing visitors to sign up to receive newsletter updates, useful background material around ethical investment, news of campaigns and advice on how to become involved in the Network’s activities.

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