Power Dynamics in the Extractives Sector

by Alicia Aleman Arrastio and Ferdinand Muhigirwa SJ In the extractive sector, there is always a power dynamics between the following different stakeholders: multinational companies, businesses and investors, local authorities, workers and their representatives, international supply chains with their various intermediaries, and consumers of goods. Furthermore, these powers need to be considered in the context … More Power Dynamics in the Extractives Sector

Trump and the Extractive Industries

By Guillermo Otano, Conflict-Free Technology Campaign, ALBOAN Foundation The extractive industries have traditionally been one of the least transparent sectors in today’s globalized economy, already opaque for the average person. Extractive industries include businesses and operations engaged in “the exploration, extraction, sale, processing and other significant activities relating to oil, natural gas or minerals”. Many … More Trump and the Extractive Industries