Join Us

There are a number of ways you can support the Justice in Mining Network and its goals:

  • * Become a member, follow our facebook page (, receive our newsletters (sign up at the facebook page), get informed, help raise awareness.
  • * Share your stories with us: are you aware of injustices or examples of good practice; supporting local communities affected by mining; aware of a campaign we should be involved with?
  • * Lend your voice to the campaigns we publicise, eg by signing petitions
  • * Ask your local Jesuit province to develop a statement of principles around mining activity. You can see examples from Australia and the Philippines on the Resources page of this site.
  • * Consider whether your investments provide an opportunity to advocate for a fairer and more sustainable use of resources. You will find a number of ethical investment materials and resources that can assist in this process on the Ethical Investment section this site.
  • * Play your part in using the earth’s resources wisely. There are plenty of sources of information on reducing your carbon footprint and minimising waste. Here are two to get you started: and
  • * Perhaps you can also share sustainability tips relevant to your workplace. Here is an example of how Georgetown University is encouraging sustainability on campus: