Foreign corruption in the mining industry

(by Kimberly Fraser) According to Transparency International, a non-profit organization that monitors and combats corruption worldwide, the mining and extractive sectors are among the most corruption prone sectors. This is largely due to the volume of revenue involved and the need to interact with foreign governments in order to secure mining contracts and licences and … More Foreign corruption in the mining industry

Responsible consumption and production

(by Julie Edwards) Understanding the impact that our lifestyles have on the environment is key to bringing about behavioural change.¬† Waste, pollution and excessive consumption are all hurting the earth and its inhabitants, not just through climate change, but also by fuelling violence, mass displacement of people, degradation of land and unsustainable water practices. One … More Responsible consumption and production

Conflict Free Technology

Conflict-free technology¬†is a campaign launched by Justice in Mining member, ALBOAN, a Jesuit NGO based in Spain, to draw attention to the connection between mobile phones, tablets and computers and the war in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Alboan is working with other groups, including Jesuit Missions UK and the Jesuit European … More Conflict Free Technology